The contemporary craftsman

The contemporary craftsman is a lover and a perfectionist.

Craftsmen of the extraordinary and the breathtaking do not come to the trade by chance. They have fallen in love with a material or a technique and have a deep conviction that they can contribute something new, rehabilitate it, give it a new dimension, renew the genre and take it further.

The passion of each craftsman takes on a different 
form and the patterns of their enthusiasm are countless.

For some, it is the quality of the manual work that is important, the precision, the repetition and the beauty of the gesture.

Sometimes, it is the pride of belonging to a tradition, the pleasure of protecting and transmitting savoir-faire or working within an exceptional establishment.

For others, it is the relationship with the material, its physicality and sensual nature, seeing it transform before the eyes, the pleasure of feeling it under their fingers, the pleasure of fashioning it.

For others, it is the proximity with the ultimate truth of the material, the discovery and revelation of its beauty.

Craftsmen of the extraordinary share a fascination

for the infinite possibilities their favorite material offers,

as well as the endless challenges and discoveries that crop up every day.

The love of a trade and work well done is felt in the quality of production. It comes through in the unutterable sense of detail, in the exemplary quality of implementation, in the care given to the finishing touches, bringing the ultimate grace of the small supplement from the soul.

Craftsman’s creativity simultaneously expresses the artistic and the technical. Their aesthetic governs their works, their mastery of the technologies opens new perspectives.

"Striking a balance between ancestral interlacing 
techniques and shape memore technology in innovative fibers..
materializing light through a simple sleight of hand" 
- Luc Druez