A new frontier, Indian craft

Among the international powers that influence fashion, the Indian craft is unique and rich in its history and religions. The craft traditions are as many in India as much there are cultures. For years the crafts of India were embedded and limited within its rural communities but now the contemporary designers have revived them and given them a new look to present it to the the world.

These designers knew that traditional crafts of India is remaining standstill in this rapidly developing era and it is very important to revive with the current mix of fashion designing. Such designers includes some well known names like: Madhu Jain, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Krishna Mehta, Mona Pali and more. They have made opulent designs using Indian craft traditions and presented in famous fashion weeks at India. These well experienced designers have astonished even to the western audience by promoting Indian craft & culture in their own way. As a result today Indian fashion industry is an international name to reckon with.

Here is because India is a country that is developing 
very fast on every field and it is full of resources 
and knowledge about craftsmanship that really can implement 
and improve the fashion industry.

Some of the famous Indian craft techniques are mentioned below:

Tie-n-Dye: Tie-n-dye is a famous fabric coloration method where parts of fabric is tied with a string or rubberband and rest part is dyed in a color. This method originally came from Rajasthan. Today it is used in various forms and color combinations.

Bandhani: Originated from Rajasthan and Gujarat Bandhani is another method of dyeing technique. In this method fabric is tied in different sections to create patterns.

Bandhani: is another craft that has been contemporized by the designers to present a unique collection.

Block Printing: Gujarat’s another craft technique which is very known among people in India is block printing. Under this method different block of different prints and sizes are created and embossed on fabric.

Phulkari: Phulkari is an ancient tradition of hand embroidery flower patterns from Punjab. It is one of such craft that has remained standstill in India due to rapid development and machine embroidery. Thanks to certain designers who have revived it and kept alive.