Craftsmen become extremely esteemed resources of luxury brands

The international field of craftsmanship is full of hidden resources that should be revered, treasured and taken preciously.

Nowadays big fashion companies, mainly the so called producers of “fast-fashion”, are outsourcing the production the more is possible, towards places where a simple white t-shirt is made by tiny hands of a little poor girl. The industry of fashion and la Camera della Moda are always trying to clear the issue, ensuring that this kind of human exploitation would not be made again.

Although, of course, this effort is not enough
 to stop great names to produce where 
the cost is reduced at the minimum, 
a little revolution can be made in a different direction.

While biggest industries are exploiting poor workers, on the other hand, there are companies that luckily decide to invest on those multiple skilled hands, which can result as full of resources, not caring about the cost but caring more about the quality. Those companies such as, just to mention some brands, Ferragamo and Chanel, do not give the priority to the lowest costs of production and materials, discriminating the employers, but they give great importance to craftsmanship.

This make them have a differential advantage compared to the other competitors of the market, since lot of customers prefer wearing items which give them sensations and hide a long standing heritage and particular process of making.

The result is of course impeccable: 
the lining, the shapes, the care of those items 
become impeccably perfect, 
plus they have a great value inside.

For these reasons, the biggest luxury fashion brands are competing in order to have the best craftsmen and to get a plus point that becomes distinctive during the process of purchasing. The highest fashion brands have started being more loyal to craftsmanship also because customers, following the trend of the last generations, are becoming more and more interested in the value and the story behind a product, caring about the entire process of making that has to be necessarily transparent and true to the identity of the brand.