3D printing challenges fashion luxury brands

3D printing is an additive technology

which creates three-dimensional

objects by laying thin layers atop each other.

In fashion, traditionally melting or laser sintering is utilized. The machine moves from left to right until an item is stacked into form.  Laser sintering technology allows users to cut into materials to create a type of lattice work or allows you to cut into an already formed object to form another object such as a necklace or bracelet charm. Consumers are buying several 3D printed pieces but are unaware of how the item is being manufactured. Since 3D printing within fashion is in a relatively early stage, many designers and brands are not advertising their use of the technology.

Berlin-based VOJD Studios, a company that specializes in 3D-printed accessories for high fashion houses, admits:

"We are firm believers that classic 
and new technologies should not be juxtaposed; 
on the contrary, it is the symbiosis between tradition 
and innovation that catalyses progress. 
In our projects, we try to adopt the best of both worlds. 
3D printing is the main manufacturing technology we use,
 but the finishing of the products involves 
a lot of precise manual work and traditional skilled 
craftsmanship – a collaborative approach that 
we believe would push forward the applications 
of digital manufacturing in the future."