The Box of Crafted Wishes

The Box of Crafted Wishes deals with Fashion, the harmony between products and wishes. We desire wearing objects, accessories, garments that let us express our personality, making us unique.

What if those things, those wishes 
would have made specifically for you?

Imagine craftsmen working hour after hour with passion and savoir-faire, with dirty hands among complex machines. Handling objects of pure beauty, they don’t express the perfection through the logic of the making, but relying on their maniacal dedication to the values , the small details and the quality of the product. That is what makes something extraordinarily unique, something that we are craving for: tiny perfect/imperfect details.

The Box of Crafted Wishes is a gather of those 
little wishes that involve intimate feelings 
and we perceive closer to us.

It offers a new/old vision of Fashion, that soulfully brings us back to the past, to the couturiers and the refined craftsmanship. It let us experience the atmosphere of the period in which Fashion didn’t give in to the rigid rules of economics yet,

unravelling its own roots around 
the timeless world of art.

What we can find inside this box doesn’t include big industries, high prices justified by great logos nor standard methods of production. It reveals how the craftsmanship can survive among the fashion giants of our contemporary society, recovering the pure beauty of the objects.

Craftsmanship has evolved throughout time and this box follows its improvements, enhanced by new techniques and different approaches. Indeed, The Box of Crafted Wishes is trying to keep the ancient essence of craftsmanship, adapting its lifeblood to contemporary fashion products.

Materials and products are handled, modelled, shaped by craftsmanship techniques.

Uniqueness becomes a prestige for few people. Details turn into little treasures. Some craftsmen have such a delicate gesture, so personal, so subtle and perfect that when you observe their creations close up, you are literally witnessing a work of art. They are not only excellent, patient, tenacious workers, they are also enthusiastic, inquisitive lovers of the materials which fascinate them.

They have the souls of explorers,adventurers, discoverers and engineers
which drive them further still into self-questioning and new challenges.